Trusting God’s Timing

Trusting God’s Timing

About Trusting God's Timing

Many times Christians excitedly receive a promise or vision from God. From that moment forward, they want to tell the whole world what God is going to do in and through them. It’s so exciting to have a promise from God. The Bible says:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

"Steven Stoffelsen has written an excellent book filled with insight and immediate help for believers who are learning to persist in pursuing the promises of God to completion."
Brent Rudoski
Senior Pastor Faith Alive Family Church

But when God gives us a promise or vision, it takes time to see it fulfilled. Rarely is the vision for tomorrow or even the next year. It’s for a certain time set by God. He shows it to you early, but He still wants to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Many Christians get discouraged during this process and walk away from God. But so many people in the Bible—like Abraham, Joseph, and David—had to go through years of preparation before they saw their visions fulfilled. They waited a long time, probably longer than most of us.

Be encouraged! Don’t let a thing called time destroy you before you even start. God is for you, and what He’s promised He will bring to pass.

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Look at what others are saying:

“Steven’s writing is a must read for those learning to walk in obedience to the Lord and his ways and timing of fulfilling the destiny and calling in our lives. He writes with his own transparency and struggles being shared. His maturing in the walk of faith is evident. I commend him in making these inspired truths available for others to follow. ”
Perry Hubick
Pastor of Life Outreach Church
“Trusting God’s Timing is a great word for many ministers to follow and adhere to. It is easy to read and absorb. The message in this book is a must for anyone with a vision and call from God to apply to their lives and ministry."
Kim Weiler
Founder of Fe Viva World Missions Guatemala
"Steven Stoffelsen has written an excellent book filled with insight and immediate help for believers who are learning to persist in pursuing the promises of God to completion. If you are waiting on the Lord, I know you will be encouraged and strengthened by this book.”
Matt Tapley
Pastor of Lakemount Worship Centre
"As someone who has co-laboured in the Kingdom with Steven for many years, I can testify of his commitment to these principles. These truths didn’t come quickly or cheaply – which is precisely why they carry the force they do."
Adam Biro
Associate Dean of Faith Alive Bible College
"This book will encourage anyone who is weary with the process to enjoy the journey and stand firm in the midst of the struggle.”
Rick Ciaramitaro
President of Open Bible Faith Fellowship Canada
“Timing is one of the hardest things for us. It requires tremendous faith as there’s always more to the done than we think. Jesus asked an important question saying, “when the Son of Man returns will He find faith on the earth?” He understood the rarity of real faith. Steve has underscored the need for this kind of faith. In addition, his testimony shines through in an authentic way, demonstrating he has walked the gauntlet of trials and testings. A journey common to anyone wanting to challenge and encourage others to wait and watch for God’s timing.”
Marc Brisebois
Watchman on the Wall Ministries

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