About Steven

About Steven

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steve-karla-stoffelsenSteven, and his wife Karla, are the founders of House of Refuge Street Ministries in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala. Steven gave up his life in Canada to respond to the call of God in 2002. Now he and his wife live in Guatemala full time. They also preach the Gospel throughout Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada and the USA.

In July 2016, Steven won a publishing contest and his book has been published by Word Alive Press.

Trusting God’s Timing:
Standing in Faith While You Wait

We live in a very fast paced day and age, and we want everything to come quickly. We also expect God’s promises to be fulfilled overnight in our lives; however the vision He gives is rarely ever fulfilled in a short time. It usually comes with years of preparation, during which important work is done to ready us. If God promised you something, He will make sure that it comes to pass. Trust in His timing and you will see that it was well worth the wait.

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