Bring God’s Presence into Tough Circumstances

God’s Presence should be the most important thing in our life.  Too often, as Christians we forget this very important truth. We must hunger after His Presence and seek Him all the time. Of course, it’s easy to seek God when things are going well, but what is your response when things aren’t going so well? Is your first reaction to pray and get into His Presence or would you rather complain about everything wrong that’s happening to you?

To me, God’ Presence is the most precious thing that I have. I can seek Him at any time. In times of most stress and I feel like I’m losing everything is when I realize my need for His Presence. Instead of complaining of all the bad that is happening to me, I seek His face. This is a relationship that we must build on. We can’t just seek God when we’re happy, we must seek Him in the hard times as well.


How do you respond to bad news? Does it get you uptight and want to get angry with everyone and everything around you? If so, you need God’s Presence. Look at Paul & Silas in Acts 16:23-26. They were thrown into prison for preaching the Gospel. They we’re doing what was right but they still had to suffer.

This shows us that bad things do happen to good people and you can even do everything right yet things can still go wrong. At times like this many people break. They don’t know what to do with themselves. The first thing they do is call their friends to complain or find someone to feel sorry for them.

Paul & Silas were in a terrible situation. They were beaten and thrown into prison. Depression could have set in if they allowed their circumstances to control them. If they looked at the difficulties around them it would have been easier to give up. However, Paul & Silas decided to seek God during this dark time!

But at midnight Paul & Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.

Paul & Silas didn’t respond according to their circumstances around them. They sought Jesus! They knew that He was the only one who could deliver them. If they sat there complaining of their circumstances they wouldn’t have seen the Power of God manifested in their lives.

It’s an easy thing to look at where we are and complain about what’s going on, however, the heart of a worshipper sings praises to God in tough times. A worshipper knows that God’s Presence is the best thing for him/her.


Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed.”

Instead of looking at their present circumstances, they looked to God’s Presence. We shouldn’t allow our circumstances to blind us, we need to lift our eyes to God! As we do this, we set the atmosphere for God’s miraculous power.

I believe that if Paul & Silas had just sat around and complained they probably would have died in that prison. However, they decided to seek God in their darkest moment. As they worshipped their chains fell off and they were set free. When we place our focus on Jesus He can bring breakthrough to our circumstances.

You may be facing a difficult time in your life. You wouldn’t wish such a terrible thing to your worst enemy. However, my advice to you is: lift your hands and praise Jesus! As you do this you will see your deliverance. It may not come instantly but I promise you, you will feel better.

When we decide to make praise our response to tough circumstances, powerful things begin to happen. God begins to turn things around in your life. Instead of just complaining and arguing with God begin to thank Him. This may seem strange at first, but as you do it you will see the benefits.

All the prisoners chains broke along with the Apostles. Paul & Silas’ praise brought deliverance to everyone around them. Never underestimate what your response can do. Just as complaining affects people around you, so will praise but in a positive way.



When we are going through difficulties our response must always be to get into Jesus’ Presence. He must always be first in our lives. Let others see how much Jesus means to you. Rest in Him knowing that He has the way out.

Praise Jesus in the good times. Make it a habit to seek Him. Once you do this it will become normal to pray and praise at all times.  You will see things clearer and you will allow God’s Presence to manifest in your life.

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