Good Works: Are They Something We Need Today?

This must be one of the most controversial topics in Christendom today. Are good works for today? Should I tithe or not? Is fasting something to consider? Should I read my Bible, pray or do daily devotions? Is church something that I must attend? I plan to try to answer these questions and more in this blog. Whether you believe you should do good works or not, I ask that you continue to read the whole article. You can also read my blog on repentance.

Preachers are being challenged to not tell people to read their Bible or pray because it’s putting demands on them. Christians are saying we don’t need to do these things because we are no longer ‘under the law, but under grace.’ (Romans 6:14b) First off, this is a Scripture that is most often quoted ‘out of context’.

When I got saved, I didn’t become offended because someone told me to read my Bible. In fact, I was quite happy to do so. If a preacher told me that there was a prayer meeting and I should attend, I would go. People said I should have a personal devotion every day to help my Christian walk. I didn’t feel like I was being pushed into something I didn’t want to do.

Honestly, after twenty years of serving Jesus I have never felt bad when someone told me to pray, fast or seek God more. Was it a challenge at times? Yes. Did it bother me? Not at all. It was a joy and delight to do these things. (Psalms 27:4)


Here we must look at our motives. Why do I enjoy praying and reading my Bible? Because I am in love with the author. When we are in love with Jesus we want to be with Him. It isn’t something hard to do, it’s a pleasure. Would you become offended if someone said you must spend more time with your wife or hang out with you friends? No, of course not! The problem with us is many times we don’t want to do things that are good for us.

What about tithing? Must I do that? No, it’s not a law. However, it is a principal. I have found it best that whenever there is something in the Bible it would be good for me to obey it from a willing heart. If I tithe with a heart full of doubt and wondering if I should do it or not, it probably won’t work for me. However, as I love, my desire is to give.

Personally, I like to separate my ten percent from my over and above offerings. I like to do that so I can see how much more I gave the following year. Is 10% necessary? It may not be law, but it is a principal. As you sow you reap. Whether you want to count out your 10% or not you should be a cheerful giver.

2. Good works – relevant or not

Are good works necessary to earn your salvation? We know that is not the case. We can’t do anything to earn our salvation. Jesus paid the price for us. However, it’s important for us to be like Jesus. As we become like Jesus we will do what is right.

As you seek to become like Jesus, you won’t get offended because someone tells you its important to pray, go to church or fast. These will be things you will want to do.

I don’t pray because I should or tithe because I must. Nor do I go to church because it’s a good Christian thing to do. These things are enjoyable to me, that’s why I do them. I believe that God agrees with these things.

Of course, this doesn’t make me a better Christian than you because I do them. This doesn’t mean that I’m ‘more’ saved than you. I just want to do things that please the Father. I am happy to do that because I love Him and I know that He loves me!

Just do things out of love and you can’t go wrong.

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