Grab Your Miracle – It’s There For The Taking!

As Christians in the New Testament we must understand that God is a miracle working God. He was in the Old Testament, the New Testament and He surely is today! Jesus died on the cross so that we could be saved, healed and delivered. Don’t only receive your salvation. Receive all that God has for you!

I was studying a few portions of Scripture in the Gospels and saw how some people received their miracle. Jesus wants you to receive your miracle. Whatever it is you’re believing for.  If it lines up with God’s Word, then you just need to exercise faith and take it. Of course, there are no 3 steps and you have a guaranteed miracle, but there are some things we can consider. We can reflect on God’s Word and see how others received their miracle and apply it to us today!

Determination Receives A Miracle (Luke 8:40-48)

First, in verse 40 it says that the people were “all waiting for Him.” They knew that Jesus was coming to their town and everyone was waiting for Him. There was an expectancy in the place. Expectancy is the environment that causes miracles to take place. You must expect to receive your miracle.

Here was a lady who had been sick for twelve years. She had tried many doctors but instead of getting better she only got worse. Her money was running out. This woman was an outsider. Because of her condition she had to stand outside of city limits and shout “unclean”. It was against Jewish law for her to be in the crowd.

However, she had determination. She wasn’t going to let obstacles get in the way of her miracle. She determined to push through the crowd. This woman had expectancy to receive her miracle. She wouldn’t have dared go into that crowd for any other reason. This woman determined that once she got close to Him she would be healed. It was her faith that reached out and grabbed her miracle.

She received her miracle. She had to push for it and break through the crowd, but she knew it was already hers. Know that God’s miracles are for you today. Whatever you need, Jesus has provided it for you. When you know it’s yours you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to receive it. Push through the crowds today and take your miracle!

Persistence Receives A Miracle (Matthew 15:21-28)

The woman in this story showed her faith through persistence. She wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. She knew she needed a miracle and that Jesus could provide it. He had done it for other women, so He could do it for her.

Jesus seems to answer this woman very harshly. In fact, people would become offended if someone said this to them today. He used the analogy of giving bread to dogs and was essentially referring to her as a dog. People leave churches grumbling and complaining for far less reasons than that today. However, this lady refused to become offended. She refused to think of her status/nationality and persisted for her miracle.

Jesus then declared that she had ‘great faith’. Since she knew that Jesus could heal her daughter she persisted for the miracle. She wouldn’t back down for anything. Your miracle maybe just another prayer away. Don’t be shy. Continue to ask God for what you need. He is sure to answer you, not because you’re demanding, rather because He loves you. He wants you to have your miracle. Press in for more!

Insistence to Receive A Miracle (Mark 10:46-52)

Blind Bartimaeus was a man who insisted to be heard. He was shouting out and asking Jesus to have mercy on him and the disciples told him to be quiet and to not bother Jesus. They thought He had more important things to do than heal the blind man.

The Bible even says that the people warned him to be quiet (v.48) Does that mean they threatened him? You had better be quiet or else…. The people were very harsh on this blind man. They wanted him to stop screaming and trying to get the master’s attention.

Most people would stop here. The people closest to Jesus told him to be quiet so that is what one will do. Blind Bartimaeus however, knew he had the right to be heard. He knew that Jesus would have compassion on him, so he kept shouting louder.

This got Jesus’ attention. He stopped in His tracks and asked him to come over.  Bartimaeus became excited at the news that Jesus wanted to see him. He jumped up and left his cloak behind him. His cloak was a symbol that he was blind and could beg for money. Essentially, he was saying, “I’m going to be healed. I don’t need this cloak anymore.”

If Bartimaeus would have stopped shouting at the first time the people told him to be quiet, he wouldn’t have received his miracle. His insistence paid off. Just because you don’t hear Jesus’ immediate response doesn’t mean He’s not answering you. I’m not saying that you must shout louder so that God will hear you but wait on Him. He has promised to answer your prayers.

Grab Your Miracle

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Matthew 11:12

When you know that God has promised a miracle, go after it. Don’t just sit back, receive it by faith. Just as others did it in the Bible. God’s not holding anything back from you. He wants you to have it. It’s there for the taking. Reach out and grab it today!









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