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Hearing God’s Voice

Over the past few years, I have made it my aim to know God more. We can have a relationship with Christ but many times not even know Him. Our prayer life, for instance, many times is talking and talking, but never listening for His voice. We feel good when we pray, we know we’re supposed to, but prayer should be a two way conversation. You talk to God and He will talk to you.

We have all met someone who likes to talk. They can talk for hours without you even being able to say a word. You want to add something to the conversation but they just take over. If you’re not bold enough, then you will miss out, not being able to share. At least this has happened to me many times.

I believe this happens to God on a regular basis. Many Christians go through their lives talking to Him but not with Him. They want to tell Him their lists and needs; however, they never really listen to what He wants to say. These things aren’t wrong to do in prayer, but God wants to speak too. He wants us to be ready to listen to what he has to say.

Hearing God’s voice is always something we say we want, but rarely, do we actually take time to listen for it. It’s one thing to desire to hear God’s voice and it’s another to be quiet and listen to what He has to say. Let’s train our ears to listen for His voice. Be still and allow Him to speak into the recesses of your heart.


If you haven’t guessed one of my favourite things to do is read the Bible. Especially, when one can read it so many times yet always get something new out of it.  I have noticed that if we seek God, He wants to tell us secrets. He wants to reveal things to us if we are willing to listen. The Bible says,

Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God (Gen. 6:8)

This year I have decided to read my Spanish Bible. I really like what I found in the Spanish NTV (Nueva Tradducion Vivente) version. Translated this verse literally says, Noah had an intimate relationship with God. Another translation says that Noah had a close relationship with Him. Either way we understand that Noah knew God. Noah wasn’t just someone who ‘got lucky’ and was saved. He was someone who developed a relationship with the Almighty.

This is something we all need to do. We must take time. Get away from all the hustle and bustle. Lock ourselves in our quiet place and get to know Him intimately. As we do, He will begin to show Himself to us and we will become more like Him. This is what the Christian life is about.

The neat thing is a couple of verses later, He reveals something to Noah. Since Noah had an intimate relationship with God; He had to let Him know what He was going to do. You can’t keep a secret from your best friend. You must tell them. They need to know.

In Genesis 6:13-22 God began to explain to Noah about how He was going to destroy the earth. He was about to do something drastic and so he had to let Noah know what He was going to do. He couldn’t tell anyone else, because only Noah was willing to listen. In all the earth, he was the only one ready to hear what God had to say.

God was able to trust Noah with the news. It’s amazing that Noah could stay “perfect in his generations” when he was the only one on earth who had a close intimate relationship with God. This was why God chose him to tell His secret to.  Abraham was another person that God told secrets (Genesis 18:17, 18). Can you be a person that God will tell secrets to?

I find this amazing that God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, wants to have an intimate relationship with us (I wrote about this in my last blog). He wants to tell us all His secrets. He desires to reveal His plans to us. We shouldn’t do all the talking. If we want to know God, we need to listen for His voice.

It’s so easy to talk and talk and talk. However, God is asking you to be quiet and listen. Enjoy His Presence. Enjoy a time of silence and let Him speak to you directly. Don’t wait for prophet so-and-so to come and give you a ‘word from God’. Get your own word. Let the prophet only confirm what God has already told you.

We need to make God’s Presence a priority in our lives. As we do this we will see the same results that Jesus saw. Jesus made God’s Presence His highest aim. Let’s follow in His footsteps. Press on to more of God’s Presence.


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  2. John Calvert

    Thank you Steven for your faith in Christ Jesus and God’s Word and for today’s blog. Marie and I continue to pray for you and Karla and your Ministry.

    1. Avatar photo

      Thank you so much John & Marie. we appreciate you both!

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