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Ever since I became a Christian over 20 years ago, I was told that a move of God would come. It seemed to be something that we were waiting and hoping for – something to happen sometime in the future. Many Christians continue to look and wait for this move of God. I do understand their thoughts

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When it comes to believing in signs and wonders there are many divisions. Jesus said that we would “receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you” (Acts1:8). I don’t want to discuss the divisions I want all that Jesus said we could have. If Jesus said I can have power, then I want it. Paul also

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You may have had an encounter with God in the past. If you’re saved, there was definitely a moment when God became real to you. As a result, He wasn’t just Someone out there. He was real and you knew it. However, I hope that wasn’t your only God encounter. My desire is that people will have

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